Recreating & Activities

Adventure Park

Whether you wish to glide on the longest Flying Fox in the South East Asia or test your agility by playing the Paintball Warfare, there is plenty to do for thrill seekers and adrenalin junkies who demand non-stop adventure. Abseil the 12- meter high Rock Climbing wall or demonstrate your dexterity on the High Rope Obstacle and admire the view while threading on the Canopy Bridge. There is no limit for action-packed and pulse-racing fun and adventure.

Flying Fox

Colmar Tropicale Adventure provides an organized outdoor eco recreational activity which will take you from tree to tree and across the canyons through a series of aerial obstacles suspended between 5 meters to 15 meters in the air.

Incorporating with these aerial obstacles is the Asia’s longest flying fox at a length of 1KM. Assess your agility, challenge your fear, walk, glide and swing through our different challenges in the sky with total safety while appreciating the wonders of the Malaysian Tropical Rain Forest.

Equipped with safety harness, safety straps and helmet
Minimum weight requirement: 45 kg (99 lbs.)

Paint Ball

Paintball is recognized as one of the world’s most exciting teambuilding tool for corporate training and camaraderie purposes. The night war game incorporating a ‘capture the flag’ scenario, complemented with our all new tournament field will serve as the perfect park for those who seek a whole new experience in paintball.

Requirements: Minimum of 4 persons
Including face mask, war suit, neck and chest protector, markers, gas and 50 pellets.

Paintball Jungle Warfare

Set amidst natural jungle atmosphere, our jungle warfare offer various game plays like no other. Get your teams together and have a great time pumping out those pellets at speeds of more than 300 feet per second. Paintball Warfare includes Face mask, neck, chest protector, markers, gas and 50 bullet pallets.Minimum person is 10 pax to run the game.

High Rope Obstacle Course

Suspended 5 metres above the ground, our combination of high rope obstacles offer great experience to all, from leisure to hardcore team building exercises. This activity is ideal for those who wish to conquer their fear of heights.

Canopy Walk

Take in a breath of fresh air from 15 metres above the ground as you walk across our Canopy Walk from the flying fox take-off tower. Once across to the other side, continue your journey along our jungle trek to the hi-rope obstacles.

Rope Climbing

From a seated position at the bottom of the tower, you attempt to climb up a suspended vertical rope using only your hands. Popularly practiced by the police and firemen, it has turned into a sport challenge, where points are given for speed and style of climb to the finish mark.