Mountain biking in a casual or adventures experience on a natural and hilly geographical. Enjoy the scenic surrounding of Berjaya Hills Colmar Tropicale.

Animal Park

A day of fun-filled exploration for the traveller and guests of Colmar Tropicale. Imagine riding the marvellous breed of Palomino horses to having a tea ceremony in the tranquil hills of the Japanese gardens, to learning about a new flower in the Botanical Gardens, Colmar Tropicale has an array of amazing recreational activities in store for her guests and patrons!

Mini Animal Park

A truly magnificent journey to discover the splendour of botanic. With educational trail or night walks, guests can grasp the reality of the various flora and fauna’s habitation and information. A perfect hideaway to learn the various hybrids of plants, flowers as well as herbs and their usage in our daily lives. Rare plants such as the Tiger Orchid which is the largest orchid in Malaysia and the ever popular Tongkat Ali are all made available to participants in this enclave reservation.