A day of fun-filled exploration for the traveler and guests of Colmar Tropicale. Imagine riding the marvelous breed of Palomino horses to having a tea ceremony in the tranquil hills of the Japanese gardens, to learning about a new flower in the Botanical Gardens, Colmar Tropicale has an array of amazing recreational activities in store for her guests and patrons!

Mini Animal Park

A fun-filled family day begins at the mini animal park. The Mini Animal Park houses over 200 adult and baby rabbits from various breed. There is also a deer sanctuary, where the highlight is the spotted deer from Holland and Timorensis Deers from Sulawesi, Indonesia. Rides on donkeys are also offered in the animal park for the children and a new pair of peacock also adds to the attraction. Facilities on site include a small outdoor playground and indoor playpen, restrooms and snacks & beverages for the visitors.

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