La Lavande

Located in the heart of Colmar Square, La Lavande is poised as an ideal relaxation getaway amidst the serenity of the Hills. Be spoilt for choice with a variety of pampering indulgences such as foot reflexology, manicure, pedicure, body scrub and massages.


Head, Neck & Shoulder
Remedy for stress and helps to relieve headache.
25mins RM 68 nett
Oil massage to improve blood circulation and reduce muscle tension.
25mins RM 68 nett
Foot Reflexology
Acupressure therapy to soothe tired and sore feet.
25mins RM 68 nett
Relaxing massage with the benefits of aromatic oil.
50mins RM 158 nett
A unique combination of Swedish and Shiatsu Massage that will help to improve circulation, relieve stiff muscles and alleviate stress.
50mins RM 170 nett


Ginger Salt Scrub
Vibrantly fresh ginger salt scrub with lime, ginger
and lemongrass is everyone’s spa favourite to awaken
and energise the skin leaving it refined and lightly
mosturised. Perfert for spongy or orange peel skin.
50 mins RM 158 nett


Hydrating Facial
A facial treatment suitable for normal to dry skin leaving skin radiant and glowing.
50mins RM 158 nett
Purifying Facial
A cleansing and balancing facial treatment
suitable for combination and oily skin.
50mins RM 158 nett


Manicure 50 mins RM 82 nett
Pedicure 50 mins RM 94 nett
Nail Varnish 25 mins RM 47 nett


Complete Relaxation
Combination of Aromatherapy Massage and Foot Reflexology, a perfect and refreshing way to unwind your tired day.
75mins RM 199 nett
Body Rejuvenation
Enjoy an energizing aromatic Ginger Salt Scrub followed by Aromatherapy Massage.
100mins RM 269 nett
Head to Toe Therapy
Relax with our Aromatherapy Massage and get glowing with your choice of Hydrating or Purifying Facial.
100mins RM 269 nett
Ultimate Pamper
Pamper yourself with an invigorating Ginger Salt Scrub, continued with Combination Massage and followed by the blissful Foot Reflexology.
150mins RM 315 nett

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